Creative Pop-up Pencil Case


 Introducing the Creative Pop-Up Pencil Case by HahaGet®

Designed by our team in Tokyo, our creative pop-up pencil cases are made from vegan leather + soft cord. Pop them up for when you’re on the go and down when you want a pen pot! 

Choose between:

PU corduroy purple

PU corduroy Green

PU corduroy yellow

PU corduroy pink

PU corduroy blue

Canvas black dots

Canvas pink dots

Canvas blue dots

Canvas gray dots

  • vegan leather + soft cord
  • doubles as pen pot and pencil case
  • holds around 35 pens
  • 20 x 12.5 cm (even fits tombows!)
  • cute + functional
PU corduroy bluePU corduroy blue
PU corduroy GreenPU corduroy Green
PU corduroy pinkPU corduroy pink
PU corduroy purplePU corduroy purple
PU corduroy yellowPU corduroy yellow
Canvas black dotsCanvas black dots
Canvas blue dotsCanvas blue dots
Canvas gray dotsCanvas gray dots
Canvas pink dotsCanvas pink dots
Creative Pop-up Pencil Case

Discount per Quantity

4 +15%